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Dr. Jordan Cooper, Of Cooper Family Dentistry, Was Recently Recorded Performing Implant Surgery on Self

Dr. Jordan Cooper, of Cooper Family Dentistry, located in Jacksonville, Ark., was recently recorded, in a remarkable new video, performing an oral implant surgery on himself. This kind of procedure is incredibly rare to perform on oneself, and it may be the first of its kind, ever.

In the video, Dr. Cooper is shown breaking down what led him to make the decision to conduct his own implant surgery. He references both his curiosity and a need for the surgery.

“We are going to be placing an implant on me,” said Dr. Cooper. “Well, by we I mean… I am. Well, I’ve been missing this tooth for a while, for one. For two, I can’t really find anyone else to do it. For three, I thought it would make for a fun project.”

The video goes on to show Dr. Cooper using mirrors and tools to conduct a successful implant surgery on himself.

“For all I know, it’s the first time in the world anyone has ever done this,” said Dr. Cooper. “I don’t know, I think it further goes to prove that I’m a little nuts.”

Dr. Jordan Cooper provides comprehensive dentistry, including a focus on dental implants. He is passionate about his community and is involved in many community-oriented efforts. He authored a bestselling book, Chasing the Blue Marlin, which teaches readers new methods in which to pursue passions and to create success.

Cooper Family Dentistry is led by a father-son duo: Dr. James Cooper and, son, Dr. Jordan Cooper. The dentistry offers an array of services from comprehensive/preventive care, cosmetic dentistry, restorations, dental implants, to oral/maxillofacial surgery and more. The thriving group of professionals are focused on providing quality dental care and helping all patients achieve optimal oral health.

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