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If you have continued to put off a visit to the Dentist due to fear or anxiety, we have solutions just for you. Several medications are available to help create a more relaxed, comfortable dental visit. Some of these control pain, some help you relax, and others put you into a deep sleep during dental treatment. How awesome is that? You and your dentist can discuss a number of options when deciding which pain relief or comfort treatment will be best for your visit. The type of procedure, your overall health, history of allergies, and your anxiety level are all considered when determining which approach is best for your dental treatment.


Some dental treatments may use a sedative, which can induce moderate sedation. These can be administered before or during your dental procedure. The delivery method can vary from inhalation (using nitrous oxide), oral (by taking a pill), and sometimes intravenously (by injection). Some more complex treatments may require options that can induce deep sedation, in order to relieve both pain and anxiety.

Pain Relief

Pain varies from person to person, and we understand that. Depending on your dental treatment, will also determine the path to pain relief. Non-narcotic options are the most commonly used drugs for pain relief for something like a tooth ache, or any pain that may linger after a dental procedure. Typically these include aspirin or anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen. Narcotic options like opioids, act on the central nervous system to relieve pain, and are typically only used to treat severe pain.

Anxiety Control

Dentists treat millions of patients safely every year. Even so, taking any kind of medication can have a certain set of risks. These are worth discussing with your Dentist to find the best treatment path that is optimal for you. Working together, you and your dental team can choose the appropriate steps to make your dental visit safe, comfortable and welcoming as possible. Going to the dentist should be something to look forward to, and we can’t wait to help make your experience the best it can be.

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