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Holiday Treats Without the Sweets

Holiday Treats Without the Sweets

Holiday traditions can be filled with lots of sugary treats that can be tough on your teeth! Make holiday treats without sweets a new tradition for your family this holiday season! Continue reading for a handful of our favorites.

Why Skip the Sweets?

Holiday sweets like Christmas cookies and candy canes are delicious! Why would anyone skip them? Let’s talk about why it can be beneficial to enjoy sugar in moderation this holiday season.

Sugary treats can be hard on your teeth because sugar can lead to tooth decay. This happens because sugar feeds the naturally-occurring bacteria in your mouth, which produces an acid that is erosive to your dental enamel or the outer part of your teeth. When your teeth are exposed to extra sugar, it can lead to cavities over time.

But don’t get discouraged! There are lots of holiday treats without sweets that you’ll love! Let’s dig into our list of favorites.

Healthy Snacks

For healthy holiday snacks, we love treats that pack in nutrients without added sugars. Fresh apples dipped in dark chocolate or cream cheese are a delicious treat — the crisp texture of the apples will work to scrub your teeth clean while the calcium and other nutrients in the cream cheese and cocoa are a great way to support your dental health. Cheese boards are another great snack that also packs in a lot of nutritious calcium.

We also love homemade popcorn. Like apples, popcorn works to scrub your teeth while you chew. And there are so many great topping options, from pumpkin spice to sea salt drizzled with dark chocolate. You can get creative!

Tasty New Baked Goods

Another great way to enjoy holiday treats without sweets is to try savory baked goods! Cheese pastries, stuffed fruit and veggies, and savory bread are just a few of the options. Or if you’re craving something sweet, you could also whip up some favorite traditional holiday recipes like Christmas cookies using alternative sweeteners!

The important thing is to have fun experimenting as a family or with your friends. You’ll be sure to make fun memories together and you might just find your new favorite holiday treat!

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