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Can veneers help your smile?

Veneers aren’t the answer to every dental problem, but in some cases they are very beneficial to a patient. Veneers can be helpful not only for patients with chipped or worn teeth but also those with a dull or discolored smile.

The veneers dentists use today have evolved greatly from what they used to be. Veneers now are much stronger than the old, porcelain veneers of the past. Bonding techniques allow veneers to be even stronger since they can be laminated directly to the tooth.

Veneers of today can even change the way a patient’s face looks. Being able to change the size, length, and shape of the teeth sometimes allows the lip to look fuller than it did before! Having so much leeway with what you can do to the teeth allows patients to change their smile in ways they didn’t think were possible. People whose teeth seem a bit too small for their mouth can now get them enlarged a little more than they are naturally. This can provide them with the smile they want and in turn, enlarge their confidence along with their teeth.

We plan out any procedure carefully, veneers included, insuring that the new teeth look natural. Ideal candidates for veneers have a reasonably good bite but have worn, chipped, or discolored teeth, or teeth that are too small for their mouth.

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