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The biggest “cavity-causing foods”


As far as teeth are concerned, the enemy is sugar.  The bacteria in your mouth use the sugar from your diet to create acids that damage your teeth.  Also, the longer the sugar sticks around on your teeth, the more damage can be done.  So the simple answer is avoid foods that are sticky and high in sugar.  Some examples of the worst offenders besides just candy are peanut butter, caramel, popcorn, white bread and pasta, and fruits.  You also want to avoid acidic foods like lemons and cranberries. And perhaps the worst offender of all is not what you eat, but what you drink.  Sodas, fruit juices, and energy drinks(Red Bull and Gatorade) are loaded with sugar and people are more likely to ingest them over prolonged periods without thinking about it.  Also, wine and beer are acidic and loaded with carbohydrates.  Best advice? Drink more water.

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