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Staff Highlight – Marilyn and Carolyn

 Marilyn and Carolyn are sisters and also long-time co-workers! They both serve on staff at Cooper Family Dentistry, and their story is quite fascinating, making up one of the unique facets of this office and team.

Marilyn works at CFD as insurance coordinator; her sister, as Dr. James Cooper’s dental assistant. Between them, they have a combined 71 years of service with this office. Marilyn has worked with Dr. Cooper since 1974, shortly after he settled in Jacksonville and before he even opened his own practice in 1977! Carolyn has been with CFD since December 1989.

They both love their job and truly see their patients and fellow staff as family, as they have been together for decades. Marilyn shared, “We have a great staff and we all work together very well.” Carolyn has found Dr. Cooper to be a fantastic boss, and says the staff is a great group of sweet ladies who are fun to work with and to be around.

How is it to Work with Your Sister?

When asked how it is to work with her sister, Carolyn shared, “I love working with my sister. She loves people and is such an encouragement to me. If I didn’t get to work with her on a daily basis, I might not see her very often, because we are both busy girls.”

Carolyn has similar sentiments about her counterpart: “And of course, I love working with Marilyn. It is a joy knowing we get to see each other every day. It just doesn’t get any better than that. We are truly blessed!”

What Changes in Dentistry Have You Seen Over the Years?

We asked both ladies what changes they have seen in dentistry over the years. Marilyn thinks one of the great changes in dentistry is implants. “They have become a great option for replacing teeth without having to do bridgework or partials.”

Carolyn has found several remarkable changes, with one of her favorites being the impression material used to make crowns. “It’s faster and easier for our patients.” Also, she is impressed with the changes in x-rays over the years. “Wow, digital x-rays are awesome. Thanks to Dr. Jordan Cooper for that!”

What Do You Enjoy Outside of Work?

When she is not working, Marilyn loves spending time with her husband and grandkids (as well as their parents, of course!) as well as reading, cooking, gardening and simply enjoying life.

Outside the office, Carolyn loves being home and spending time with her husband and family. She has a precious granddaughter, Livi, who is about to become a big sister. Carolyn also loves cruise vacations, reading, working in the yard, Starbucks, and running with her baby sister, Jodi.

Born in Puerto Rico, Marilyn and Carolyn have both lived in Jacksonville since their father was stationed there with the LRAFB in 1962. It is home to both of them.  Marilyn said, “I’ve grown up here and go to church here and all my family is here. It is HOME!”

Carolyn shared, “It’s just so comfortable and easy to get around in. Many friends and all my family are here. Family is everything!! Life is too short to not be close to them.”

When you come by the office, be sure to say hi to Marilyn and Carolyn! Thank you, ladies, for your years of service at CFD and for helping to making it such a great place!

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