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Do Your Dental Implants Need a Facelift?

Dental implants are technological marvels that look and perform exactly like your natural teeth.  Once they have been properly implanted, they should last for years to come.  The maintenance is exactly the same as the maintenance for your natural teeth.  However, as with natural teeth, dental implants can sometimes become damaged or discolored through use.  When this happens, rest assured that Cooper Family Dentistry has the solution.

Repairing Or Replacing Damaged Dental Implants

If the tooth portion of your implant has become damaged, we can usually repair it with relatively little trouble.  Of course, this depends on the severity of the damage.  The best thing to do is set up an appointment as soon as you can.  We will look at the damaged crown and review your options with you.

If the damage is only slight, we may be able to repair a crack or chip without needing to remove the crown.  We clean the surrounding area and apply a special material to the damaged crown.  After it cures, your crown will be as good as new.

If the damage is more severe, we may need to remove the damaged crown and replace it with a new one.  If you recall from when you originally got your implants, your crown is anchored to a metal piece implanted into your jaw.  We can remove the crown and attach a new one to the metal implant without causing you too much discomfort, although this procedure is of course slightly more invasive than simply repairing the crown.

Restoring The Shine

If your implants are structurally sound but are beginning to show their age, we can help with that too.  Just come on in and we can clean them for you.  If there are stains that won’t come off with a regular cleaning, we can usually polish them away.  We’ll use a non-abrasive polish that will not damage the surface of the crown.

Cooper Family Dentistry Is Here For You

At Cooper Family Dentistry, your healthy smile is our passion!  We want you to know that we take your dental health very seriously, and we will work diligently to keep your dental implant in great shape.

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