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Did you know….?

We love interesting facts around here and when kids are excited to come to the dentist. Share some of these fun facts with the little ones in your family and see if it makes them more interested in their oral health!

  • Did you know that elephants’ molars are one foot across and weigh around 9 pounds? After about 10 years of grinding down at least a hundred pounds of vegetation daily, their teeth fall out and new ones come in. How many sets of teeth do you think elephants go through in a lifetime?
  • Did you know that George Washington’s teeth were not made out of wood as is commonly thought? What do you think they were made of?
  • The modern toothbrush that we use today was not invented until 1938. What do you think people used before that time to clean their teeth?
  • People used to do some crazy things to relieve a toothache. The Chinese, for example, would wrap the hurting tooth in parchment paper words written on it. Germans would kiss a particular animal if they had a toothache. What animal do you think they kissed?
  • Learn the answers to these questions and more, here.






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