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Common Fears About Dental Implants

When you consider getting dental implants, it is easy to find what the benefits of them are. They help your mouth functioning like it did with your original teeth, they are permanent, and they can keep your mouth healthier than dentures. However, some people cannot help but be afraid of the procedure. Dental fears are common, but when it comes to dental implants, there are far fewer reasons to be afraid than you may think. Here are some of the more common fears, and what is being done to help prevent those fears from stopping you get the implants you want.

Implants Are Going to Hurt

The biggest fear most people have is that the procedure is going to hurt. Well, you may notice a bit of discomfort after the procedure. However, here at Cooper Family Dentistry, we make sure that you have medications available to you to help with that discomfort. Most patients are only sore enough to need some over-the-counter medications to get by. However, for patients with a higher sensitivity to pain, we also have other medications we can prescribe to remove the pain that sometimes follows the surgery.

You Are Going to Need a Ton of Implants

This is one of the more common fears people have. They believe they will need a new implant for each missing tooth. Depending on how your teeth are set up and where the gaps are, you may be able to have a bridge stretching across more than one tooth, all set on a single implant. For people who have lost an entire arch of teeth, either all of the top or all of the bottom teeth, we can often give you a full arch of implants on as little as four implants. We do our best to help keep the number of implants to a minimum, so you don’t have to fear.

People Will Be Able to Tell

One of the best things about dental implants is the fact that they look and feel just like your original teeth. Even full arch implants can blend in like your original teeth. We will set up your teeth so that no one (aside from us) is going to be able to notice you have implants. The gum line will match yours and blend in, just as the teeth will. It’s no longer a worry you need to have.

For more dental implant information, please don’t hesitate to call our offices. Here at Cooper Family Dentistry, we love being able to bring implant smiles to life and would love the opportunity to bring a new smile to your face, too.

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