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Change Your Sip – Use a Straw

Do you ever wonder if drinking from a straw is good or bad for you? Most people don’t, but here is a fact that might make you think about it: drinking from a straw, instead of sipping from a cup, is actually better for your teeth and mouth. It is a small change to make but it can make a big difference.

Drinking from a straw reduces the exposure of your teeth to certain things that can harm them. It protects your teeth from stains than are caused by dark-colored foods and drinks because there is no direct contact with the front of your teeth. Reduced exposure also means less chance for bacteria and germs to enter your mouth as you are drinking. This is especially important to consider in restaurants because they tend to host more germs due to the handling of food and dishes by restaurant workers and the coming and going of other people. With a straw, it is also less likely sugary substances will stick to your teeth and cause erosion and cavities.

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