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When you visit our clinic, you will see that we are passionate about dentistry and truly love what we do. As a second generation dental health care business, we see up to three and four generations of patient families in our office on a regular basis. Our family has been proudly serving the Three Rivers area for 40 years.

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  • Get to Know Dr. Rachel Baker!

  • Always Welcoming Air Force Base Military Families

    Here at Cooper Family Dentistry, we are always welcoming new patients to become part of our dental family. With the changes coming for local Air Force military families and their insurance options, we want to make sure that you know you can come in and be welcomed with open arms! We accept United Concordia here at Cooper Family Dentistry, and would love for you and your family to come and join ours. Benefits of Coming in to Cooper Family Dentistry We are a comprehensive dental facility that can help with nearly every one of your dental needs in a single location. Unlike some dental offices, we do not need to send you over to different offices or practices for a bunch of different procedures. Instead, we can do nearly all of them in-house! Whether you are looking for preventative services, restorative services, or even orthodontics, Cooper Family Dentistry is the place you want to turn. When you come in to Cooper Family Dentistry, the first thing to happen is for our experienced and friendly staff to introduce themselves. You will be shown around the office, and we will sit down and get some information from you. We will then proceed with your appointment. We can help with anything from cleanings to dental implants, and many procedures in between. Once you have met our office and hygiene staff, you will then be introduced to Dr. James or Dr. Jordan Cooper. We Are Here to Help You with All Your Dental Needs We know how important knowledge and education are when it comes to achieving optimal oral health. We also understand that circumstances come up now and again that prevent you from having the type of oral health you want. So, any questions you have about your current state of oral health, what to do to improve your oral health, or any procedures you may need, we will always sit down and answer for you. If you are seeking a new dental home with the changes from MetLife to United Concordia, give our offices a call. We are always welcoming Air Force families to come in and become a part of our family, and we will work with you and your insurance to help you get your oral health right where you want it to be. Come in and meet us here at Cooper Family Dental. When it comes to understanding how to help you get the oral health you want and deserve, we are the option you want to turn to.

  • Dr. Cooper and Dr. Baker on KATV’s Good Morning America

    Did you see Dr. Cooper and Dr. Baker this week on Good Morning America? Check out the full spot below!  

  • Congratulations to Dr. Cooper on ASDA Conference Honor

    Dr. Cooper was honored for serving 3 years as the Continuing Education Chairman for the state of Arkansas at this past weekend's ASDA Conference. Of the award, Dr. Cooper said: "Arkansas Dentistry has been a rewarding journey and I was very humbled to receive this award. I also look forward to moving on to the next chapters in my dental career - look for bigger things to come!" Congrats Dr. Cooper on this honor!   View Press Release HERE.

  • Why Simply Brushing Your Teeth is Not Enough for Great Oral Health

    We are all very well aware of how important it is to brush your teeth at least two times each day, plus flossing and using mouthwash, but why are all of those steps necessary? Doesn’t brushing your teeth do enough to avoid some of those steps, at least some of the time? The answer is no. Brushing your teeth does not do enough to keep your mouth healthy, and skipping some of your normal routine can result in you having more issues with your teeth than those who do not skip any of these steps. Understanding Brushing Your Teeth What would you say if you found out that brushing is only able to get to approximately 25% of the bacteria in your mouth? That’s right. There is far more surface area of your mouth than just the surfaces of your teeth. You need to be able to get to all of these sources of bacteria in order to keep your mouth clean and healthy, and minimize the damage that it does every moment it is left in your mouth. Mouthwash Gets to A Lot More Mouthwash is able to get to a lot more places in your mouth than just on the surfaces of your teeth. It gets into the dark recesses of your mouth between your cheeks and gums, it gets under your tongue, and it even gets into the top part of your throat if you gargle like you should. These are places that your toothbrush is not able to help with. Flossing is able to get to the tight places between your teeth that toothbrushes, and even sometimes mouthwash, just cannot reach. These areas are prone to cavities because they are often overlooked or not cleaned as thoroughly as they could be. When it comes to keeping your entire mouth healthy, you need to do more than this three step routine. You also need to include regular cleanings and checkups with your dentist. That’s why we are here. Come in and see us at Cooper Family Dentistry and let us help be that final step in your oral care routine. Brush, floss, and swish twice each day, and come see us at least every six months. Between your routine, and ours, we can make sure that your teeth stay looking beautiful and strong for many years to come.